Some near-neighbors have given up hope at the prospect of Carter’s Deli ever opening at 2222 Brown St., and we can understand why. Signs that had been hanging in the window describing the deli have come down, and it’s been a few months since any new information has come out on the project. And with the specter of neighborhood opposition that we chronicled a few months ago, it seemed like a distinct possibility that NIMBY’s had blocked yet another project in this wonderful town of ours.

Recent image of 2222 Brown St.

Today, we bring good news to the people of Fairmount. We coincidentally ran into Jennifer Sinni, one of the owners of the property (along with her husband Brendan), who told us that they went to Zoning a couple of weeks ago, and got approval despite the opposition of a few neighbors. As soon as the approval letter arrives, they will start working on permitting to move forward with construction. According to Sinni, work will probably take place over the winter with an eye toward a spring opening. Seems like a long time from now, but before we know it, there will be delicious coffee, pastries, and South Philly style sandwiches for everyone in the neighborhood.

Rendering for the deli. From architect Paul Drzal.

We’re very excited for the Sinni’s and their success combating NIMBY’s, or Fear-mounters, as one of our readers has hilariously quipped.