While you can debate the virtues of gambling dens in downtown Philadelphia until the cows come home, you can’t argue with the fact that Sugarhouse is trying hard to make a name for itself outside the world of slot machines and blackjack. One such effort is the Sugarhouse Outdoor Summer Concert Series, music shows that have been taking place on the waterfront this summer on Friday and Saturday nights. Every third Thursday, Sugarhouse has also been hosting a Thursday Food Fest, with multiple food trucks hawking their delicious wares on the casino’s waterfront boardwalk. Tonight, from six til ten, visit Sugarhouse and enjoy food from Chef Johnny Bravo’s Surf n’ Turf, P.J. Whelihan’s, Gigi’s & Big R, and several others.

Food trucks plus gambling equals delicious losing

If a small party on the waterfront isn’t your jam, might we suggest the South Street Night Market? The Food Trust’s second to last Night Market of the year will also take place tonight from six til ten on South Street between Front and 9th Streets. It will feature food from eighty food trucks and restaurants, along with entertainment from a dozen local musicians. Night Markets are always a blast, but it’s pretty much a guarantee that tonight’s event will be jammed with hungry patrons. So let us suggest that you get there by any mode of transportation other than a car. And if you live in Society Hill or Queen Village, be prepared for the descent of the hungry hordes.

Map of the Night Market

We still haven’t decided which event we’re going to attend, but we know we’ll visit one of ’em. We knew we skipped lunch today for a reason.