There’s A New Sheriff In Town, And He Wants To Resign Immediately

John Kromer, the Philadelphia Director of Housing for Mayor Rendell, wants us to vote for him into office so he can leave and take the office with him. Kromer is irked by the many vacant properties in Philly, but more so by the fact tax payers are paying for the salary of a sheriff, an office that really isn’t doing anything. Speculators “are laughing at the city,” says “Philadelphia’s Last Sheriff” Kromer, who has a simple plan in place to beat Philly at it’s own political mess of a game. “As sheriff . . . I’ll shut down the office and assign its responsibilities to court systems and city agencies that can do the job right.” He reiterates: “I don’t want to keep the job, I want to get the job done. I want to be Philadelphia’s last sheriff.”

It’s so crazy, it just might work.