We've never seen anyone like this at our Starbucks

How fashionable is Philadelphia? That’s a question one might not normally ask themselves, and considering the fact that we saw at least two full-grown adults wearing pajama bottoms as pants today in Center City, it’s not hard to imagine why we don’t ask ourselves questions like that. However, the news just came out that perhaps the most important street fashion photographer in America right now, most recently selected as one of Time Magazine‘s top 100 design influencers, Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist (of course!), will be making rounds in the city of brotherly love in the coming weeks.

Sure Philadelphia may not have more than a few whose closets possess the Helmut Lang label, but we do have the killer-kick aficionados who shop at Abakus and the fashion-forward passersby we always see near prancing outside Barbuzzo. The Lance Armstrong lookalike (if Armstrong wore silk scarves) has been able to tell a pictorial story that links the cloth to the personality, the city to the image; he’s given us the medium to allow a Milanese entrepreneur to show the American east coast how to sip espresso in winter whites, and the color of Barcelona to bleed over to a summer in Moscow.

While we don’t think he’ll be moving here anytime soon (Paris calls), we’re positive the Sartorialist will find those dashing denizens that make us turn our heads at Parc, the ones he didn’t find at all last time he was here. E-mail Schuman here to suggest where to go to find these city gems and, please, no more glaringly obvious tips to “check out Rittenhouse.” This time he comes to Philly, let’s make sure we show him it’s not a bust to take the trip (put away the jeggings, people). Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some wardrobe updating to do. —-Conrad Brenner