Septa Crawls into the 21st Century

As you may have heard by now, Septa recently unleashed Transitview, a tool that allows you to track the locations of Septa buses and trolleys via GPS. If you’re any kind of nerd like us, you’ve probably played around with Transitview and been at least somewhat impressed. Not only do you see a clear route that the bus is supposed to take (information that is generally not known by anyone, save some bus drivers), but you also see little bus images indicating the location of buses on the route. Perfect, you say, right? Well, there is one little problem. Transitview is a DISASTER on an iPhone. And let’s face it, very few of us are whipping out the laptop at the bus stop, amiright?

Enter Local software guru Jared Shockcor developed WGT in response to Transitview, as an alternative tool for the smartphone set. We’ve run a couple of tests comparing the two, and WGT leaves Transitview in the dust. Shockcor hopes to develop a WGT app in the near future to integrate into iPhone and Android interfaces, but even in its current form as a web-based tool, it’s a thing of beauty.

21 Bus Route. Who knew?

Just think about how many times you’ve been waiting for the bus in the rain, wishing you could run across the street to grab a coffee but unwilling to take the risk that the bus will zoom by while you’re adding your agave nectar and soy milk. We’ve been there too, and thanks to WGT, our lives just got a little bit sweeter. And a little drier, too.