Oh the summer months. Their return can only mean hazy bike rides, failing air conditioning units and topsider-fitted seasonal boaters taking to the water. For those of us without boats or the muscle capacity to row them for any period longer than escaping death, we can watch the 2011 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta today, presented by Coca-Cola. The largest collegiate regatta in the United States, the Dad Vail Regatta was first held in 1934 along the Schuylkill in Fairmount Park. It draws its name from Harry Emerson “Dad” Vail, a former coach at the University of Wisconsin and a friend of the event’s founder. So stop reading this post, get yourself outside, enjoy the weather and watch some of the finest rowing this side of Connecticut. Spectators are welcome for free. Click here for the proposed schedule of events—-Alex Graziano

Photo courtesy of Michelle Hetrick
Photo courtesy of Lee Shelly of