Photo courtesy of James Troutman

Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent J. Fumo (above) started out positively, founding and funding the Citizens’ Alliance for Better Neighborhoods. (We suppose he went wrong somewhere around the “137 counts of fraud, obstruction of justice, tax evasion and conspiracy.”) Paul Levy did his best to clean up Fumo’s mess and now is passing the newly named baton to Sam Sherman Jr.–owner of New Urban Ventures, board member of the Congress for New Urbanism, the man behind the Spring Arts Point townhomes in Spring Garden, and past president of the Building Industry Association.

We hope Sherman will do his best to make the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation (no loner the Citizens’ Alliance) debt-free and continue daily neighborhood cleanings and buy sell, renovate and rehab the empty and older properties plaguing Passyunk. Mr. Sherman will be paid $77,800 yearly and work a four-day week. (Photo: Fumo’s old office at 1208 Tasker that sold for $550K.)