The new and improved Roberto Clemente Playground at 18th & Wallace Sts. in the Fairmount neighborhood is almost ready for its close-up. With construction set to finish this Friday, the playground will soon boast a number of significant upgrades and improvements that the community worked hard to achieve. Justino Navarro, Vice President of the Spring Garden CDC explained that the playground improvements were paid for by a $600,000 donation from Councilmen Darrell Clark’s office, along with a $100,000 donation from the Spring Garden CDC to purchase improvements not covered in the City’s plan.

The Clemente playground will feature a new water spray park, a brand new playground for kids ages 5-12, new fencing, an archway entrance, sidewalks, and plenty of storm water friendly green space.

“We have worked for over 25 years in this community to provide affordable housing, so now we’re focusing on quality of life issues such as public space needs.  The kids deserve a place that’s safe, environmentally friendly, and fun to play in.” explained a passionate Navarro.

With the Waring Laura W School right near by, the Clemente Playground will now get more use then ever before. “The area around this park, large community garden, and school is a great place to raise a family. We worked for years to make the East Spring Garden area as nice as West, and now it’s looking great.”

And with the Loonstyn’s large development project that we reported just blocks away, we agree!  You can expect to find this playground open to the public after the holiday weekend.