Renderings For the Surprising Project on Tulip Street

Remember last week, when we told you about a project coming soon to the 3300 block of Tulip Street and we were pretty much flabbergasted that multiple developers are building in this neck of the woods? In case you missed it, developers presented a plan to the ZBA earlier this month and got approval for seven triplexes and eleven new homes on this block, which sits around the corner from the Temple Northeastern Ambulatory Care Center and steps away from Aramingo Avenue.

Current view

In response to our story, the good folks at KJO Architecture reached out to provide us with some images that give an idea of what we can expect here in the near future. The units will have a very contemporary look to them, with casement windows and metal facades. We'd have perhaps expected a more industrial look, which would relate to many of the warehouses in the area. Then again, that's not something we've generally seen in former industrial neighborhoods with tons of new construction, so it doesn't necessarily follow that we'd see it in a neighborhood that's still largely industrial and commercial.

Overhead view

Project rendering

It's worth repeating, other developers have built nine new homes have in this vicinity in the last year or so, and some of those have already been purchased. This project will quadruple the number of units on the block, so these developers are clearly quite bullish on this section of Port Richmond. We wonder, will this project spur other developers to consider this area? Or will this development be limited to this project and those already under construction? Guess it'll depend on the how well these units sell and rent. And if they do indeed perform well, it's a sure thing that other developers will take notice and pay closer attention to this part of town.