Philly’s AIDS Thrift is moving from its location at 514 Bainbridge right around the corner to 710 S. Fifth Street (the former space of Kroungold’s Furniture). The non-profit thrift store has been serving the community for more than five years at its current location.  The proceeds from the kindly donated items to 30 local HIV/AIDS service organizations.

If you have ever been to AIDS Thrift, you know that they are packed full of these generous donations (clothing, books, records, furniture, house wares, etc.) which has made it difficult to fight clutter over time as well as simply navigating the locale. In order to alleviate the spacial issue, the organizers set out to find a new spot that would allow them to better display all of the merchandise as well as make it a more comfortable experience for the customers; this is when they stumbled upon (former) Kroungold’s. According to Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou, co-founder and manager, the new space will take them from 4,500 square feer to 10,000 square feet, more than doubling the amount of selling space.

With an opening date set for July 1 (sneak peeks in June), the arrival of the new AIDS Thrift is quickly approaching.  We will be anxiously awaiting the upgraded space, and, in the meantime, rifling through our closets to contribute a few of our own donations. —-Kaitlin Bostwick