The Smith Kids’ Play Place in East Fairmount Park

Are playgrounds an essential part of our youth? Judging by their blog, the Philadelphia Playground Project would seem to think so. The project’s goals are simple: “(1) compile a centralized list for other parents who are looking for playgrounds, and (2) give some guidance on what each one has to offer.” This blog project seeks to provide the users with an all-inclusive map of the playgrounds in the Philadelphia area and since its inception in August 2009, their list has continued to grow. Their playground reviews go so far as to individually rate each location based on available equipment, quality, ground surface, age group and shade availability. If you are a parent looking for a place to bring your children, this blog is a goldmine. And if you are one of their kids, you can bet you will be going to the sweetest playground around. Click here to view almost every playground in Philadelphia on a map. —-Alex Graziano