Konrad Square Park is a lovely patch of green space in Fishtown, just a couple of blocks from the bustling Frankford Avenue, but a fair distance from Girard Avenue. While it's always a pleasure to walk through this park, it's a special treat this time of year, with temperatures rising and everything in bloom. Even a little construction didn't diminish our experience earlier today.

Konrad Square Park

Near the corner pictured above, we noticed two different infill projects. Once they're finished, the new occupants will have this view just steps from their front door. Color us jealous.

2243 Tulip St. just last year, after a home was demoed

A new home has finally appeared

2243 Tulip St. was, for some time, a stuccoed three story home. At some point in the last couple of years, it got demolished, but it looks like the project stalled out. Last year, according to Google Maps, the front of the property was down to two stories of plywood. Now, you can see a new three story home has been framed out. The developers are the Z Home Group, out of Jersey. The property hasn't been listed yet, but we'd imagine a new construction home that's right on the park should fetch a strong price, and quickly.

The view up Tulip St. just a year or two ago

Current view, with two homes under construction

Moving to the 2300 block of Tulip St., we see that an old yellow two-story home at 2311 Tulip St. has been demolished. In its place, and also on the adjacent vacant lot, two homes are under construction. The homes are on the skinny side, as the lots are each only 12.5' wide- initially we thought it was just a single home getting built. But this area, and nearby East Kensington has proven again and again that even if the homes are slimmer than most, the buyers come out of the woodwork. We would bet that the same will hold true here as well.

We also wonder when we'll come upon the first new construction Philly rowhome that checks in at under ten feet wide. We haven't seen one yet, but we'd wager that the day is coming.