New Duplex Dwarfs Other Buildings on Ginnodo Street

It was back in the summer of 2012 that we brought you the news that a vacant lot at 1835-37 Ginnodo St. would be developed. At that time, we advised you that the two lots, both only 12' wide, would be combined into one, and a super-wide duplex would be constructed on the site. It took a little while for the project to get off the ground, but recently we spotted a big new structure here.

New building rises among older homes

Closer look

The new building is both taller and wider than its neighbors, though we'll wait for the facade to go up before we pass too much judgement on how much it sticks out. The construction of this new building on the block represents yet another new addition to Ginnodo Street, which has experienced many changes in the last few years. While this side of the street looks largely the same as it has in recent memory, vacant land has been filled in across the street with a dozen new homes.

So many new homes across the street

And really, this latest project makes a ton of sense. This block is right next to the intersection of 19th & Poplar, which has been in many ways a nexus for development in Francisville. Ginnodo Street has a couple more small vacancies that will likely be filled in the coming years, and one big one at the corner of Ridge which could take a little longer to see developed. Or it could get developed really soon. As we recall, somebody we know predicted that Ridge Avenue was finally going to bust out in 2014. Then again, that same person also predicted that the Eagles would surprise in the playoffs, so who knows what to expect?