The future BYOB

Isabel BYOB will be coming very soon to one of the commercial spaces at the base of 2601 Pennsylvania Ave. The building, which is also home to a few other businesses and includes luxury condominiums, will be getting the new BYOB spot in place of a coffee shop that once called this space home.

Owner Michael Poole inside the space. Image from the Northeast Times

Van Chau and Michael Poole, the owners of Thai restaurant, Trio, which is also located in the Fairmount area, are responsible for the new restaurant which will serve up food with a Mexican-California twist. According to Poole in a recent interview with Northeast Times, what really solidified that this would be the perfect location for Isabel was the outdoor seating, which has excellent views of the Art Museum and skyline. We have to say, this would definitely be a selling point for us too. Sure, the outdoor seating in Center City provides a decent enough ambiance, but few, if any provide such an impressive view.

Isabel should be a perfect fit in the space on the edge of Fairmount, especially with owners that have already made their mark in the area. We’re sure that the residents in this building won’t be unhappy with the new spot either, as they will be the ones that can most easily enjoy it. Isabel BYOB is set to arrive within the next week, and we will be anxiously awaiting this new addition to the neighborhood.

–Kaitlin Bostwick