We were in the area just last week and spotted some new construction on the 1500 block of Poplar Street. As you might expect, we went right to the L&I Map to see what we could learn about this new development, which is replacing a vacant lot.

From the west

The permits that have been pulled for this project are not entirely clear, but here’s what we were able to glean: What you see above will be a four-story structure with six apartment units and first floor parking. In addition, this parcel is associated with an already existing garage on Cambridge Street which is also undergoing some interior and exterior renovation. The address of the entire project, surprisingly, is 1518-20 Cambridge St.

This building has gotten some work in the last couple of years but still lacks some windows

Located in the northern part of Francisville where we’ve seen some student housing rise of late, it would seem probable that this development will also target the student set, likely of the Temple and CCP varieties. We confess we’re perhaps a little surprised that a four-story addition on a larger-sized lot will only accommodate six units, but maybe they’ll be on the larger size?

Does anyone out there have any additional info about this project? Did we read the permits correctly or is there something slightly different going on here?