Well folks, it's the end of 2013.

Tomorrow we start this whole shebang all over again with Mummers, hangovers, and perhaps a renewed sense of purpose. What better time, we thought, to hop into our Delorean and check out what 2014 will have to offer. So here goes nothing…

Great scott!

– Next year, we will finally learn about a plan for at least one of the two long-vacant corners of Broad & Washington. Too long have we waited for these embarrassing lots to be redeveloped. Too long have we suffered through unfulfilled plans and lackadaisical City control. Too long have we wished for the giant piñata to return. But no more! Plans for a large, game-changing, mixed-use project will emerge, though groundbreaking will probably have to wait until 2015.

Something is coming, we can feel it

– A really big project will break ground in South Kensington, creating a ton of additional momentum for the neighborhood. Whether it's Soko Lofts or Liberty Square or something else we just don't know. But when groundbreaking takes place, lots of developers will take a fresh look at the neighborhood and decide that it's undervalued. Look for an unprecedented number of one-off projects to follow.

Future home of Soko Lofts

– The Divine Lorraine will… stay exactly the way it is now. For years, we've heard about plans for its redevelopment, and earlier this year we learned of yet another one. But given the challenges presented by the building itself and the public money that will likely be needed to properly renovate the structure, we don't think anything will be happening here next year. Here's hoping we're wrong.

The Divine Lorraine rots away

– The PA Gaming Control Board will choose Philadelphia's second casino operator. And they will select the Provence, which will quickly come together at Broad & Callowhill. The new complex will have a significant impact on North Broad Street, but whether the effects will be positive or negative we cannot foresee. Ask again this time next year. One thing we can be sure of is that the second Philly casino will have a negative impact on the bottom line in Atlantic City. Bad luck indeed.

The Inquirer Building will be transformed into a luxury hotel

Some quick-fire predictions:

– Rapid development will continue in neighborhoods like Point Breeze, East Kensington, and Francisville, and vacant land will become increasingly challenging to acquire.

– Speaking of Francisville, 2014 will be the year that Ridge Avenue finally takes a dramatic turn for the better.

– A dark horse candidate will emerge in the leadup to the 2015 Mayor's race. Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Bloomberg! Or maybe somebody else.

The RCO process will finally be sorted out
– At least three more real estate blogs will appear. At most community meetings, neighbors will be outnumbered by bloggers.
– The Eagles will surprise people in the playoffs this year.
– The Phillies will surprise nobody when they finish in last place.
– The Flyers will once again be just one tough guy away from a Stanley Cup.
– The Sixers will get the first pick in the draft but will inexplicably trade it for a 48-year-old Brad Daugherty.
– And finally, to raise money for the schools, the City will begin a project to convert half of City Hall into condos.

You could live here!

What do you think? What did we miss? What say you, soon-to-be-intoxicated readers?