Perhaps you've noticed that things have been rather quiet on Naked Philly of late. We do apologize for the paucity of posts, it's entirely due to the fact that Mr. & Mrs. Fox took a little vacation. We've spent the last little while in Australia, where beer does flow and men chunder. We're back now, and before we return full throttle to Philly real estate, we figured we'd share some photos from our trip. It turns out there's some pretty cool architecture to be found down under (where it should be noted, you get what you work for), and here is a small sampling of what we saw in Sydney. Even better stuff from Melbourne still to come.

Row of homes in the Paddington neighborhood

Row of adorable shops in Paddington

Old Commonwealth Bank building on Oxford Street

Queen Victoria Building, a huge shopping mall downtown

Sydney Town Hall

Downtown, a department store turned office building

Blend of old and new buildings, downtown

Blend of old and new buildings in the Woolloomooloo neighborhood

What appears to be a sardine store in Surry Hills

This building in Coogee is named Elwood. Could not find its brother building Jake.

No interesting buildings here, just the wonderful Bondi beach

Museum of Contemporary Art, Circular Quay

Famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge, view from a ferry