Local Filmmaker Earns Recognition at Sundance, Goes Broke

Local independent filmmaker John Foy self funded (and single-handedly wrote, directed, shot and scored with skills he taught himself—don’t you feel lazy now?) a documentary with money that he had saved cleaning houses for five and a half years. “Resurrect Dead” got its chance to premiere at the Sundance documentary competition last month. While Foy had made ends meet and was successful at bringing the documentary to life, the expenses that came along with preparing the piece for its world premiere at Sundance was something he couldn’t do on his own.

With a $10K fundraising goal, John Foy asked the public (through Kickstarter) to lend him a helping hand. The goal was not only met; it was exceeded. The fundraiser produced $13,686 through 162 backers, ultimately giving Foy what he needed to get to the big screen at Sundance.

John Foy and his documentary left the competition with recognition, winning the U.S. Documentary Competition Directing Award, making the project an incredibly successful venture. Congrats John! We look forward to downloading the movie for free on a torrent site (just kidding).