Last fall, we reported the upscale sandwich shop/deli Carter’s Deli  at 2222 Brown St. in Fairmount was a go, despite some neighbors’ efforts to block the shop.

2222 Brown St

The deli has yet to materialize, and all we see are signs in the window for JBS Renovations Painting and Remodeling. What gives?

Sign in the window

Turns out about two months ago a realtor approached the owners and told them she could sell their place for $725K, in two months. The Sinni’s, who were approved for the deli last Fall by the ZBA, had just received a quote from a high-end restaurant designer for $88K. They planned to make some changes to the plans, like going to Manhattan to buy refrigerators from restaurants that opened and closed within two weeks, but when the realtor approached them they sat down and had a talk.

“We don’t wanna leave,” said owner Brendan Sinni. “We’re not looking to leave, but …”

They bought the place in 2008 for $250K. It’s hard to walk away from a huge real estate profit. As it were, the realtor now has almost one month left to fulfill her statement. If she cannot sell the place for $725K, the Sinni’s are staying. And when the Brendan finishes the project he’s working on nearby at Pennock and Parrish Sts. (JBS is his company), and sells it off, they’ll build out the counter-space and open Carter’s, around a 45-day project.

So if they don’t sell the home, we may yet see high-end hoagies, coupled with fair trade coffee and organic produce and dairy sometime this summer.

Carter's could still happen here!

How likely is it that the home sells for $725K? Well, nearby 816 N. 24th St. sold last fall for over $600K. Perhaps, with the near completion of the Fairmount Court 2.0, which features town homes ranging from $600K – $800K, buyers will see the Sinni’s home plus retail space with a driveway, on par with the new construction homes. Time will tell.

–Lou Mancinelli