As the Phillies once considered locations outside the South Philly Sports Complex for Citizens Bank Park, Veterans Stadium was at one point proposed at a West Philly location. That looks like 30th St. Station to the south of the stadium. Makes you wonder how things would be different today had this plan come to fruition.

How about this? A parking garage under Rittenhouse Square. It could have happened! Judging by how the LOVE Park underground garage is collapsing, it’s probably for the best that it never did.

Here’s an ugly box of a building that would have gone right next to Independence Mall. Instead, we ended up with a slightly more attractive office building.

This 1960’s plan called for the building below on the troubled parcel between Penn Square, 15th Street, and Chestnut Street. One Meridian Plaza ended up being built instead. Residences at the Ritz and a parking lot are currently found at this site, which has seen its share of delayed and failed proposals in the past decade.

This one’s crazy… a 1957 proposal for a 670 foot skyscraper that would have broken the “Gentleman’s Agreement.” It was supposed to go down at 16th and Market Sts., but we doubt it got much past this model. The “Agreement,” of course, went on for another thirty years until One Liberty Place was built.

How about a tunnel across the Delaware? This plan from 1935 shows how it would have worked. It was to be installed under Hog Island, which has since been absorbed by Philadelphia International Airport. They could have called it the Hoagie Tunnel, since some claim Hog Island to be the birthplace of the Hoagie. Mmmm… Hoagie Tunnel….

Finally, check out the proposed modifications to City Hall proposed in the 1920’s. The plan was to demolish most of the building, and make the square into a traffic circle. City Hall’s tower was to remain, modified into an Art Deco spire. Practically speaking, this project would have been pretty much impossible to pull off- since it was built like a fortress, City Hall is nearly indestructible.