Coming Soon: Hidden Gas and Electric Meters

We won't suggest that we're building code experts, but one of the more aggravating aspects of new construction these days is the apparent requirement to place electric and gas meters on the front of the home so that they're accessible to PECO or PGW. It's a huge pet peeve of ours when we see a nice new home get built, and then, breaking up the attractive architecture, we're faced with a gas or electric meter. Feh.

Newer homes at 20th and Fitzwater

Gas and electric meters

We recently learned that the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia has been working with the utility companies to come up with a solution that eliminates the eyesore factor for new homes but still allows PECO and PGW to access their meters if needed. The compromise that's been reached seems like a good one to us. Moving forward, builders will be able to reserve a space for meters that's recessed into the facade of the building. Also, the utility companies will allow screening in front of the meters so they're not visible from the street. Check it out:

Elevations drawing of screened meters

Rendering of recessed meters

Thanks to JKR Partners for the images above.

Do you think this is a great change? Or did the meters not bug you too much to begin with?