Change is Coming Soon to 25th and Aspen Sts.

While protestors are “occupying” Dilworth Plaza, new tenants are occupying the corner retail locations at 25th and Aspen Sts. in Fairmount. Here, folks are also looking for a change in their favor. They want a little more business.

Lucky 7, the pub-food tavern is out and the as-yet named classic regional seasonal Americana cuisine locale with an elevated noveau twist is to come mid-December. Across the street, at a former flower shop, a new bicycle repair ditty is opening soon, when, still remains to be seen.

Future bike shop

Brought to us by Mike Welsh, one of the minds behind the Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co., and chef Mitch Prensky of Supper and Global Dish Catering, who’s had a longstanding relationship with the Franklin, the new eatery will offer recognizable American dishes on a higher level. We wonder what that means exactly. Macaroni ’n cheese with lobster and local arugula?

“I take things people already love and try to make it a little bit different,” said Prensky, “and a lot better.”

Prensky already does the catering at the Franklin, and when the opportunity surfaced, Welsh and Prensky saw it as a chance to work together on a welcoming neighborhood locale.

“It seemed cold and uncomfortable [in their] before,” said Welsh. “We want to do everything we can do bring that warmth back.”

See ya

That includes an interior facelift to the already exposed brick-location, new bathrooms and all new kitchen equipment, including a brick-oven Prensky said would drive many of the dishes. Renovations are almost complete and come Spring, there are plans for dining en plein air.

With Prensky’s track record, which boasts nods from Philly Mag for one of Philly’s 50 Best (Supper) and Best of Philly Food (Global Dish), tucked into a brick and stucco neighborhood with vibrant blue-, red- and green-toned shutters and doors, we think the still unnamed location will fit well with this neighborhood’s charming character.

And while Taco Tuesday, or a burger, fries and a beer might have been enjoyable traditional neighborhood pub fare, the fact is Lucky 7 did not have the draw of Fairmount’s other tavern-like locations the Bishop’s Collar, London Grill and Rembrandt’s, all within a few blocks walk.

The still unnamed restaurant marks yet another new Fairmount food place to come to light in recent months. See, Isabel, La Calaca Feliz (coming this winter). Across the neighborhood, at Fairmount and Uber, there is also something a brewin’.

Fairmount, what do you have for us next?

–Lou Mancinelli