Back in July, we launched a real estate search map, to assist readers who might be looking for a new place to live in Philadelphia. We’ve gotten some feedback on the feature, and are now ready to announce a Naked Philly Real Estate Search Tool 2.0. Take a look at the right side of your screen:

Search away!

Though a small graphical addition, the new search tool allows you to search for real estate in a few new and different ways.

1) Search by Address: Enter a specific address, a street name, or just a number. You’ll get info on a particular property, all the properties on a particular street, or all properties that correspond to the number you inputted.

2) Choose Neighborhoods: Click on the ‘Choose Neighborhoods’ button, select the neighborhoods you want (or don’t want) to search in. Use the toggles to select a price range and how many bedrooms you desire.

3) Advanced Search: Takes you to the map. Allows you to refine your search some, and change your criteria if you’re in the market for a rental or a commercial property.

As was the case before, this is a work in progress. We have plans for more features, additional neighborhoods, better sorting, and larger photos.

That being said, your feedback is most welcome.

Give us a little time to make this thing perfect, and you’ll forget Trulia ever existed.