Bob Morris Building Is Under Construction

Yesterday, we noticed that fences have gone up around the nearly one-hundred year old Bob Morris building at 17th and Arch Sts. Purchased for $6.5M in 2004 by 1701 Partners LP, the building’s interior was demoed in 2007 in anticipation of a new Kimpton Hotel leasing the building. In the meantime, 2008 happened, and the hotel ain’t coming.

According to a press release from Federal Capital Partners, a DC based company providing some financing for this project, the fourteen story building will contain 111 luxury apartments along with a media center and a small gym. There will be retail space on the first floor, but no word on tenants just yet. With the Comcast Building across the street, and additional development possibly coming to the surrounding blocks of Arch St., these apartments are in a very desirable location. Whether the apartments themselves or the facade restoration will be equally desirable seems like a question for another day.

Did you know: Robert Morris was one of the primary sponsors of the Revolutionary War. Thanks, Mr. Morris!

Gottahava construction site