A reader reached out to us on Twitter about 2417 Brown St., a blighted property near their house. Located just down the street from the still-being-built Fairmount Court 2.0, this property hasn’t interfered with the efforts to sell these new homes, but as its condition declines, it could become a quality of life issue for people living in the area.

The property

Doors and windows, anyone?

According to out reader, a pigeon infestation indicates that the property is not currently occupied. Looking at the building, our guess was that a tax delinquency could push it to sheriff’s sale. We were surprised to see that it wasn’t delinquent but the reason for this became clear when we noticed that the property is tax exempt. Purchased by John DeLuca in 1948, it has an exemption designation for a VFW Post. Does anybody remember when this building was in active use for this purpose? Does anyone remember when it stopped being used?

According to OPA, DeLuca owns this property for Saint Francis Xavier, a nearby school at 24th and Wallace Streets. Was this building used for school functions at one point? Is it possible that the school doesn’t even realize that it still has an ownership stake in this dilapidated property? We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we imagine that the near neighbors hope that this situation gets resolved sooner rather than later.

These people across the street can't be happy

Anybody have any ideas about what can be done here?