We've had our eye on the building at 2301 Grays Ferry Ave. for many years, suspecting that it would eventually get some major work done. The one-story building, long home to Old Towne Pizza & Sanna's, just doesn't seem to fit the bill considering the location.

Old Towne & Sanna's

Naval Square sits to the south, and the still newish 2400 South condo building is across the street to the north. Also across the street is the Bloc23 condo project, which is currently a foundation waiting for its modular building to arrive. When it does, it'll include 23 condos (hence the name) and underground parking. Further up the street, close to 23rd & South, is the wonderful Grays Ferry Triangle Park, a place for good times all summer long. Within the park, the Igloo and Grace Tavern keep neighbors appropriately filled with sweets and food and drink.

Across the street, Bloc23 foundation and the condo building at 2400 South Street

A block to the north, Grays Ferry Triangle Park

But we digress. Recently, we learned that the owners of the Old Towne building are indeed planning to do some serious work on the property. According to the L&I Map, they are hoping to build a three story addition which will include six apartments. This plan will exceed the permitting height and will also (we think) exceed density allowances, so the developers will need to appear before the SOSNA Zoning Committee (next month, probably) and eventually, the ZBA. Building this kind of addition will have a significant impact on the existing building, and we wonder whether the plans will simply mean that the current business will shut down for a time and then reopen, or whether neighbors can expect a new business after the project wraps up. We would have asked but as you can see the store was closed when we passed by recently. 

Would you rather Ole Towne close briefly and then make a triumphant return? Or would you rather something else come in here? Back in the day, we always thought that this would be an ideal location for a breakfast place, but the opening of Honey's at 21st & South a couple years ago kinda filled that niche. Is there any other type of business you'd like to see here if the Old Towne folks don't want to go for another round?