A Poet Gallery Making it Work at 45th and Walnut

Although it seems an unlikely location to see a contemporary art gallery, A Poet Art Gallery took over what we think was formerly a convenience store at 4510 Walnut St. and is now in its second year of operation at this in this space. Though a few restaurants are close by, the block is primarily residential. But with artist and musicians in close proximity, the gallery seems to be gaining the attention it deserves.

Looking west

During the day, black grates cover the windows, not giving much indication to passers by that anything is contained within. But a few nights a week, the gallery shines its lights on the neighborhood, hosting events that are free and open to the public.

The space was established by a tattoo artist in Philadelphia who sought out space in West Philadelphia to showcase art.  The gallery hosts a variety of events and has a goal of reaching out to local artists and musicians interested in sharing an appreciation for its collection and events.

Looking in
Interior shot from the gallery's Facebook page

West Philly, as you are possibly aware, has a strong arts and culture scene, which tends to be focused along the Baltimore Avenue corridor. Hopefully, more storefronts dedicated to the pursuit of the arts will continue to pop up around these parts. And with the success of this gallery a little farther from the core, we hope others will likewise think outside the box and make West Philly an even more enriching place to live and visit.

–Haley Waugh