Back in October, we brought 1900-08 Poplar St. to your attention. As we explained at that time, this corner was home to American Methodist Episcopal Zionists for decades, but the church was demolished last summer.

Last summer
A couple of weeks ago

Last month, TBM Group Inc., the developer that purchased the church for $586K (who you may also remember as the folks behind the G-Ho Special on the 2300 block of Carpenter St.), went before the ZBA to present their revised plans for this site. According to this thread on Philadelphia Speaks, TBM received the neighborhood's support for the project by a rather slim margin.

As recently as June, an empty though potentially-charming church stood at 19th and Poplar Sts. Over the summer it was razed, and now a vacant lot bids hello to passersby in Francisville.

Recent past
A church no more

Construction on six homes will begin at the site as early as the end of this year, according to Penelope Giles, founder and executive director of the Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation (FNDC).

Before construction begins however, developers will have to re-present site plans to the members of the FNDC. Though plans had been approved about a year and a half ago, the window of time that legitimizes those approvals has passed, according to Giles.