south street bagels

We enjoyed a tasty fresh bagel from South St. Bagels today and afterward spotted a number of Zoning Notices on the 200 block of South St., in the space that formerly held Chef's Market. For those who don't remember, Chef's Market filled several commercial spaces on this block for years until contracting into a smaller space at 231 South St. a couple of years ago. They still run a catering operation out of that space.

The easternmost section
Looking west at the rest of the space, plus Chef's Market

According to the Zoning Notice, three commercial spaces will be combined into one which will contain a restaurant/banquet hall for over fifty patrons (no kidding) to include live music and dancing. This project could have huge implications for the block, as this business will have a rather large footprint. Depending on the type of business set to move into the space, noise and nuisance considerations could come into play. Or, this could be an exciting new step for a block that has its share of vacancies. We're most curious to know whether it's going to be an event space or an actual restaurant and music venue.