In recent years, Susquehanna Avenue has experienced development on both sides of Front Street. In East Kensington, numerous projects have risen, including several homes with creative design elements. In the other direction, the Norris Square Civic Association has actively developed quite a bit of affordable housing. Right in the middle of this development activity sits a Hollywood relic at Front & Susquehanna.

Last week, the City announced that beginning on July 17th, Eakins Oval in front of the Art Museum steps will be playing host to an inviting park and exciting project.

From the Parks and Recreation's announcement on their website, "eight acres of public space at the base of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway" will become a place to meet, play, and engage in activities offered by participating organizations. There is more information and renderings here.

Site plan

Running through August 20th, the currently paved parking lot space will convert to large open blocks of pedestrian-friendly turf with inviting benches, a stage for free live entertainment and movie nights, and the city's best food trucks coming through every day. According to the drawings, there will be seating for eating, lawn games to play, sandboxes to dig, and sprinklers for hot days.

When Rocky ascended the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1976, he assured the iconic structure’s permanent place in pop culture lure.  Had the Italian Stallion attempted the feat 80 years prior, he might have drowned . . . and sullied our water supply to boot.  Where the majestic Greek-revivalist building now stands at 26th & the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, overlooking Center City and providing one of our most postcard-worthy vistas, the Fairmount Reservoir once functioned as the city’s primary water supply.