pride of the sea

Project has dragged some and changed over time

A couple of years ago, we were very pleased to bring you the news that the former Pride of the Sea warehouse at 4th & Brown was being demolished, and that new homes would rise in its place. We're generally bummed when handsome old churches or row homes come down in favor of new development, but this building was adding nothing to the neighborhood. And even if someone wanted to reuse it, we wonder whether that fish smell ever comes out.

In the past

The demolition took place back in June of 2012, and we expected to see two new homes rise on 4th Street and three more on Brown Street. The project, which was called Foundry Court, was of particular interest because of a partnership with with Nexus EnergyHomes to build the first Net Zero homes in Philadelphia. Plans included the use of geothermal heating and cooling and extremely tight building envelopes. From what we can tell looking at a past and current listing for the 4th Street homes, the project moved forward with only those two properties. The 3,000 sqft home at 718 N. 4th St. is currently on the market for $779,900.

Last week, we gave you the heads up about the upcoming demolition of the former Pride of the Sea warehouse at 720 N 4th St., across the street from Honey’s Sit n’ Eat. Whelp, demolition has proceeded since then, and the site should be clear in the coming weeks.

A couple weeks back
A few days ago

The plan for this site involves five new construction homes, called Foundry Court. We spoke with the developer, Carol Diament, a realtor who is partnering with Nexus EnergyHomes to build these homes to Net Zero standards. Nexus, a company that's done most of its building in Maryland to this point, will lend their expertise to bring the first truly net zero homes to Philadelphia.

Last fall, we mentioned the Pride of the Sea warehouse at 720 N 4th St., an eyesore across the street from Honey's Sit n' Eat. At the time, the property was still on the market for $795K, though several commenters pointed out that a deal was being worked out for this site, with plans already presented to NLNA.

In the fall

A couple of months ago, this property, which sits on a 6,200+ sqft lot, settled for $700K. And within the last couple of weeks, a fence went up around the property, indicating imminent demolition. We have some additional info for this project that we'll pass along this week, but in the meantime, here's a look at the fence around the warehouse, which is not long for this world.

Five homes, coming soon.