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Building will still be demolished

About a year ago, we shared the news that the Society Hill Playhouse was closing its doors after half a century at 507 S. 8th St., and Toll Brothers intended to demolish the structure and build condos in its place. The developers also had their eye on a parking garage across the street which would similarly get torn down and replaced with condos. This sparked considerable debate among readers. Some folks were generally on board with the project, some hoped that the old theater could be somehow be preserved, and others just threw around Toll Brothers hate without much commentary on the project itself. Among near neighbors, it seems the project drew considerable consternation, undergoing multiple changes as the months rolled by and the meetings piled up.

Society Hill Playhouse

Garage across the street

Initially, as we mentioned, Toll was looking to build condos, a la their projects at Naval Square and 410 at Society Hill. That plan went through several iterations, but would have entailed five stories with ground-floor parking. Unable to come to a consensus with neighbors, Toll Brothers then shifted to a by-right plan for two rental apartment buildings with no parking. JKRP Architects produced a rendering to show what that would have looked like.

A recent Philly Mag article, "What Will It Take for New Philadelphians to Clean Up City Hall?" by Patrick Kerkstra, brings to light a diverse group of 'New Philadelphians' who are working hard to make long lasting improvements in and around the city of Philadelphia.  Founder and President of OCF Realty, Ori Feibush, was featured for his real estate development projects and clean up efforts in Point Breeze, Philadelphia through his community focused real estate brokerage.  

Philadelphia Magazine article, "What Will It Take for New Philadelphians to Clean Up City Hall?" features OCF Realty Founder, Ori Feibush.