parking lot

Weird block seeing developer interest

We first visited the 1200 block of N. Leithgow Street about three years ago, when we heard about plans for two new homes at the northern end of the block. At the time, we expressed hope that this project would inspire additional development on the block, which has a numerous empty lots on its eastern side and a large surface parking lot for the Saint John Neumann Shrine on its western side. Needless to say, the parking lot isn't going away any time soon, so it's a safe guess that we've got some info on plans for the east side.

Looking south on the 1200 block of N. Leithgow

Currently, developers have their sights on five properties on this block which have been sitting vacant for many years. Zoning notices are posted at 1217, 1219, and 1227 N. Leithgow St., and plans call for new homes. The lots are only 40' deep, but they're 17' wide, which should allow for pretty solid layouts. The homes that we covered three years ago were built on similar lots and each sold for around $400K back in 2015, and assuming they get approval from the ZBA, these homes will certainly sell for more.

But wouldn't you want to buy it?

Though we've probably passed by on numerous occasions, the vacant lot at 3200 Baring St. somehow escaped our attention until quite recently. The parcel is a nice size, about 7,500 sqft, and sits across the street from Drexel Park, on the edge of Drexel's campus.

The lot

Drexel Park, across the street

A sign on the fence around the property suggests that it's available for lease, and provides a phone number. We called that number a couple time but weren't able to reach anyone to find out whether the property is still available and if so, how much they're asking per month. If you look closely at the property, you can see it was painted for a parking lot at some point but we're not sure whether it was ever used as such. If it was, it looks like it's been a long time. Worth noting, if someone were to lease the lot for parking, we're pretty sure they'd need to get a zoning variance.

Glad the building has stuck around

We were cruising through Grays Ferry the other day and some construction caught our eye at 30th & Dickinson. We don't spend so much time in this neighborhood so we confess, we didn't remember what had been here before. Thanks to the magic of Google Street View though, we quickly discovered that it was previously a one-story warehouse with a sweet mural preaching the virtue of "Common Ground." Today, it's a pile of dirt and some construction equipment.

Former view at 30th & Dickinson

Construction at 30th & Dickinson

So... what's happening here? Don't get too excited guys, permits indicate that this property will turn into a parking lot. You may be wondering, what's the need for a parking lot at 30th & Dickinson? We're pretty sure it'll be for the Carl Moore Health Center, located at the other end of this block, at 31st & Reed. This place opened in September and is associated with GPHA, and offers various medical services, including family medicine, dental care, behavioral health, nutrition, and podiatry.

A radical parking idea!

We told you at the end of last year that Fishtown is losing Lou Wolff Auto, a used car dealership that's been doing business on Girard Avenue since the 1980s. That property is being sold and redeveloped, which definitely makes sense given the changes we've seen on the East Girard commercial corridor over the last few years. Still, it's probably a bummer for a) people who hate change, and b) people who liked the idea of buying a car from a dealership in Fishtown. But it seems the car dealership hole in the neighborhood will be quickly filled, at least according to a recent story from

It's been a long time coming

We first visted the 1500 block of Parrish Street over five years ago, when we shared the news that the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale planned to buy a warehouse at 1521 Parrish St. and make their home there, moving from a space near Drexel's campus. Part of that plan also included the purchase of what we believe was once a stable at 1533 Parrish St., the demolition of said building, and the creation of a surface parking lot. But alas, that plan never came to fruition, the Boys Choir instead moved to a space near Broad & Spring Garden, 1521 Parrish St. got converted into apartments, and 1533 Parrish St. never got torn down. 

24 apartments plus parking

With the closing of Saint Joseph's hospital back in March, we've seen North Philadelphia Health System try to improve their long standing budget problems by selling off property previously used by the hospital. For example, we told you about a former surface parking lot on the 1600 block of Cambridge Street which has been sliced and diced by different developers with plans for quadplexes, duplexes, and an apartment building. A similar situation is happening on the other side of Girard Avenue, where we discovered a growing hole in the ground at the southeast corner of 17th & Flora.

Hole in the ground

Developers bought this parcel in May and are now pursuing a plan to build an apartment building here, with 24 apartments and 8 parking spots. It stands to reason that these units will target Temple students, like so many new construction projects on this side of Girard Avenue. On the other hand, we've seen some other projects that sit close to Francisville, but just beyond the border, attract non-student tenants as well. Certainly, most folks that end up living here that doesn't make a beeline for Temple will head south, toward Francisville, or east, toward the Broad Street Line. There's certainly not much happening on 17th Street.

To be determined how this will play out

Saint Mary of the Assumption, a Catholic Church located on a large campus at 171 Conarroe St. in Manayunk, closed its doors a little over a year ago. This came just a few years after the archdiocese merged Saint Mary's with the St. John the Baptist parish in response to dwindling membership and attendance. For people who grew up at this church, this was surely a tough pill to swallow. But this has been a common theme across the city, with numerous churches closing in recent years and the announcement of additional closings coming in today's paper. While the closing of Saint Mary's was tough for many former parishioners, it represented an opportunity for developer Jack Bienenfeld, who now has the massive property under agreement.

We'd have to think they'll be affordable

The ZBA approved a major residential plan last week at 1920 E. Orleans St., the former Willard Elementary School. We've covered a few projects on this side of Lehigh Avenue in recently years, but those have all been south of Frankford Avenue in Port Richmond. This project will be happening in Harrowgate, a neighborhood that doesn't generally come up in discussions about real estate development because there ain't much to disucss. As such, we were quite surprised to learn that the former school would be redeveloped.

View from Orleans St.

From Birch St.

Doing a wee bit of research, we began to understand the situation a little more clearly. According to Newsworks, Project HOME bought the property last summer for $400K. The permits indicate that they're planning to build a five-story addition in the former parking lot with 24 apartments and some office space. The existing building will be renovated and will contain an additional 33 apartments. The project will also include 11 parking spaces and 19 bike parking spaces.

A total of twenty-seven new homes

We confess, we're amazed by all of the construction happening near Front & Race right now. About a year and a half ago, we told you about plans for ten homes at 120 Race St., then part of a surface parking lot located next to the highway. In general, these plans sounded okay to us, but we were somewhat bummed that the developers were opting for homes and not a condo building like the newish six-unit building at Front & Quarry. Checking in on this project today, you can see that the most of the homes look like they're approaching the finish line.

Ten homes at 120 Race St.

Looking up the drive-aisle at 120 Race St.

You'd think these homes would be listed for sale but we can't find any listings. Given what new construction homes are selling for in Old City these days, a price over $1M per home is to be expected, though we wonder whether the fact that I-95 is immediately next door to nine of the homes might have an impact on sale price.

Some neighbors would prefer it doesn't

We're on so many mailing lists. And perhaps because we get so many emails that are only of marginal interest, we end up ignoring most of them. Yesterday though, we got an email that caught our eye so we figured we'd share. It came from the 5th Square, a political action committee that advocates for good governance, better land-use, improved public transportation, and other stuff that makes and would make our city a better place. The topic of the email was the Guerin Recreation Center at 16th & Jackson, and more specifically it related to a proposed green space on its southern end.