liberty place

At the end of last year, I. Brewster & Sons Gallery, which had previously been located at 1824 Chestnut St., relocated to the space that was, until fairly recently, the Please Touch Museum. The gallery has been in business in Philly for over 30 years, and their growth over the years necessitated a move to the larger space.

Which leaves their former space available for (drum roll please) a new Subway!

The space

While we aren’t exactly jumping out of our skin with excitement about this one, we suppose it’s a good thing that the vacant commercial space is being filled quickly, and by a tenant that will likely succeed; plus there are a bunch of people out there that do in fact love their Subway. Although we haven’t been able to uncover a set completion date for this project, we assume this thing will happen pretty quickly.

Philadelphia has quite a few unique buildings, but are they as unique as we think? With July 4th coming up, we looked around the world to find architectural tributes to Philadelphia's Liberty One. Apparently, our beloved height-limit killer is pretty popular. Having itself been inspired by New York's Chrysler Building, it should be no surprise that it’s been copied elsewhere.

Melli Complex in Tehran, Iran

This building is much shorter and features different colors, but it's still eerily similar. It even has a copy of the Mellon Bank Center in the background!

Edificio Cruz Blanca in Santiago, Chile

The colors are a little closer but the shape and massing of the building are a bit different.

But wait, there's more! Check out these TWO imitators from China.

's fifth annual Canstruction structures are going to be taken down this Saturday, May 21, at the Shops at Liberty Place so unless you've seen the Phanatic built entirely of cans already, you really have no reason to not go. The Canstruction design/build competition teams up the city's architects, engineers and contractors to create giant structures completely out of canned food in just 12 hours.

The city-based and clever structures at 1601 Chestnut Street are all in an effort to fight hunger; this Saturday, when the competition is over, the canned food will be donated to Philabundance (the public is also invited to contribute canned foods). In 2010, Canstruction raised 30,011 pounds of food. A foundation of the Society for Design Administration, Canstruction is held all over the United States each year, donating more than 10 million pounds of canned goods to local food banks local in each competition city. ----Caitlin Connors

There is a new building in Tehran, Iran, that looks strikingly like Liberty Place in Center City, which was designed by Helmut Jahn of Murphy/Jahn Architects. The resemblance is obvious, and we can’t help but think the inspiration came from our very own Philadelphia landmark, as the architecture and design are incredibly similar. While there is really no proof deeming this as a copycat, we can certainly jump to our own conclusions. A tad bit bizarre? Maybe, but it’s also pretty flattering for our city; better yet for Helmut Jahn.