johnson stromberg

A few days ago, we told you about a lovely garden on the 1700 block of Kater Street that almost forgives the monstrously ugly parking garage that sits in front of it. In response to that post, a reader shot us an email with some info about possible improvements on the horizon for said garage. Well, at least at for the corner of 17th & South.

In 2010, Laurissa Kuehn and Carlos Cardenas purchased 2231 Montrose St., a two-story home on an adorable Graduate Hospital block. A few years later, the couple find themselves outgrowing this two-bedroom, one-bathroom home and facing a choice between expanding the home they've come to love or moving out, perhaps out of the city entirely. Earlier this week, representatives from Johnson Stromberg Architecture presented a plan to the SOSNA Zoning Committee to add a third story addition to the home, which would keep Laurissa and Carlos in the neighborhood for years to come.