empty lots

A reader asked us if we had any info about a vacant lot, 539-45 N 10th St., in the Spring Garden/Spring Arts neighborhood. There's a salon immediately to the south, a new construction mixed-use building to the north, and future phases of the Spring Arts Point development just beyond that.

Vacant lot
Salon next door
Looking north. Spring Arts Point sign in the distance

While there are certainly not a shortage of vacant lots in this area, many of these lots have some sort of signage at least indicating plans for the future or availability for sale. No such luck here.

According to public record, the lots are owned by James Colosimo, who purchased the lots for a pittance in the 80's and 90's. Seeing that name, we knew we has seen it somewhere before. And then we remembered.

For those who don't pay close attention to these things, the children of Philadelphia returned to school today. About eight-hundred of them will (occasionally) be attending school at the new $66M West Philadelphia High School at 49th and Chestnut Sts.

Thar she blows

Whether or not you think it's appropriate for the financially strapped School District to be spending that kind of cash on new facilities, you can't understate the energy that this new building will bring to its students. While the new building is sparkly and new, it's with some regret that we say farewell to the former West Philly High, which is as architecturally striking outside as it is outdated and worn down inside.