delinquent taxes

Many people who have lived in the Graduate Hospital for awhile have probably walked by this building and wondered, "what's up with this place?" This building is notable because of its enormous size, its unexpectedly poor condition given its location, and the word "Weaver" carved in the moulding above the front door. From what we understand, the building was once a funeral home, but hasn't been used for that purpose for many years. Currently, we hear it's used mostly for storage.

Side of the building, viewed from Fitzwater St.

This building has been owned by Harold Beale since 1976. Mr. Beale lives next door, in a building he has owned since 1970. According to public record, he hasn't paid his property taxes on 740 S. 18th St. since 2000, and currently owes the city over $29K, including interest and penalties. For his residence, the delinquency stretches back to 1999 with a current tax balance of nearly $26K.