black hound clay studio

A cannery, a clay studio, and recording studio too

Intuitively, you might expect that the block of 50th Street south of Baltimore Avenue would be a solid block, with a mix of housing and retail runoff from the commercial corridor. And you'd be correct! What's somewhat surprising though, is that this situation is a relatively recent development. If we look back just a few years, we see a couple of blighted buildings just south of Dock Street Brewing and further south, some former industrial buildings that looked rather underused and unloved.

In the past

Also in the past

As the years have gone flying by, times have changed. The owners of Dock Street purchased 705 and 707 S. 50th St. back in 2015, giving hope that these long vacant buildings would come back into active use. In the time since then, they've totally renovated 705 S. 50th St., opening Dock Street Cannery a few months ago. In the back, they put Dock Street beers into cans (hence the name). In the front, there's a lounge and tasting room that offers beer, cocktails, and small bites. If Great Caesar's Ghost knows what's best for you, you'll make your way over there sometime soon.

Next door, the permits call for retail sales on the first floor and office space above. We don't know what kind of retail to expect, but figure it'll somehow relate to beer.