bailey st arts corridor

Last summer, we told you about a gorgeous structure, coined the M.G. Schweiker building, at Jefferson and Bailey Sts. in Brewerytown. At the time, the handsome edifice was on the market for $80K, which we deemed too high a price considering its location and poor condition. We hoped that the sellers would drop the price, allowing an enterprising developer to undertake preserving the building and restoring it to its former glory.

Last July

Last month, we got the heads up that Brewerytown development dynamos MM Partners had the building under agreement. And wouldn't you know it, they were able to get the building at a price that made the building's redevelopment possible. Isn't it nice when sellers get the memo that their properties are listed for almost twice what they're worth and come down to a reasonable price?

Over the past month or so, MM Partners has gotten started on interior demolition work, attempting to cope with damage from a fire that occurred a decade ago. It seems that they've sealed the building appropriately, as well.