artisan town homes

The Artisan Town Homes development has completely transformed the 1400 block of Bainbridge St. in the last half-decade, filling it with high-end luxury homes. And as developer Joe Williams apparently prepares for the next phase of this wildly successful development, he's still wrapping up a few last homes in the current phase.

1400 block of Kater St. in 2011
Same block, current view

We're pretty sure that Kater Street is getting one more home, and Kenilworth Street to the south is getting a couple more as well. And once those are done, it will apparently be time for Artisan to make an appearance on South Broad Street.

If you've been to the 1400 block of Bainbridge St. in the past five years, you've probably noticed the numerous luxury town homes on the block. Phase One of the Artisan development consisted of fourteen homes on the south side of Bainbridge St., all of which sold for $900K or more.

Phase One

Physician turned developer Joe Williams is now in the process of constructing Phase Two, which will, once complete, include eighteen additional homes on Kater St., the north side of Bainbridge St., and Pemberton St. Of those eighteen, four have been sold, four are under contract, and the other ten are still available. We were drawn to this area by the number of properties currently under construction. We didn't realize that they were all part of the same development until we looked at the site plan from the Artisan web site.