Professional Property Management

Our expert team of leasing agents and property managers are here to service your investment day and night. From tenant relations to building maintenance, OCF Realty provides you with an array of sophisticated solutions that take the guess work out of property management.


From drafting the pricing strategy and marketing plan to screening potential tenants, we can handle it all. We’ll provide you with weekly status reports until your unit(s) rents, and after your tenant(s) move in we’ll handle all communication and keep you informed of your property’s condition through regular inspections.


Don’t worry about those 2AM phone calls. With our 24/7 emergency maintenance response system, your tenants will have a live person to speak with at all times. That means you can rest easy knowing your property is in qualified and professional hands.


Our management package includes access to Appfolio, the leading property management software system on the market. With a virtual maintenance center to streamline dispatches, maintain invoices and tenant communication, this sophisticated online system allows us to focus on people, not paperwork.


How do you determine the best rental price for my property?

Based on our experience managing over 750 units in and around Center City, we have a very good sense of what rental prices are in the marketplace. We also double check what listing competition is available as well as what our office has recently listed to make sure you are competitive. Our goal is to maximize the value to you, while minimizing the amount of time your property sits vacant.


What happens during a tenant turnover?

Once the tenant moves out, we do a move-out inspection where we complete a report and take photos of the entire property and compare them to the photos we took before the tenant moved in. This lets us determine normal wear-and-tear of the property vs. tenant caused damages, which are deducted from the tenant’s security return. We repair anything that is broken, patch and touch-up walls, and professionally clean the entire home for the next tenant’s arrival. And we do it all in only three days!


How are rent payments collected? How often will I get paid?

Rent payments are collected online, or dropped off in person or via mail to our office. Owners receive ACH payments once a month, generally by the 5th of the month. Monthly Reports are available each month through our Appfolio Owner Portal.


How do maintenance requests get approved?

Tenants can submit maintenance requests through our online Tenant Portal or by calling our office. Requests are logged and reviewed by our Full-Time Property Management staff who then take steps to determine what the source of the issue is. We have on-site staff who can take care of small repairs immediately, and a team of professionals who are qualified for everything else. You can choose to be as involved as you want. Rest assured we will give you regular updates about the status of any maintenance issues.


Do I need any special licensing in order to rent my property?

Yes, you do! The City of Philadelphia requires you to have a Commercial Activity License, Housing Rental License, and a Rental Suitability License, all of which we take care of for you under our Property Management services.

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