News$1,000 Donation for Every House Bought or Sold in Graduate Hospital

$1,000 Donation for Every House Bought or Sold in Graduate Hospital

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OCF Realty is a committed to developing its Philadelphia neighborhoods. In the Fall of 2013, OCF Realty unveiled its newest community partnership program to benefit Chester Arthur, a K-8 elementary school located on the 2000 block of Catharine Street. For every home sold or purchased through OCF Realty within the Chester Arthur catchment, a donation of $1,000 from the transaction will be given to Friends of Chester Arthur (FoCA). These donations can help pay for everyday needs, like school supplies and routine upkeep. 


With up to $10,000 available in the program, the funds can go as far as to bring forward beautification efforts or new school programs. 

If you are currently in the market to buy or sell a home in Graduate Hospital, contact an OCF Sales Agent today and make a big difference for this Philadelphia public school.

OCF Realty specializes in buying, selling, renting and developing real estate in Philadelphia. With its emphasis on community development, OCF Realty combines expert industry knowledge with unconventional strategies to stay light-years ahead of the competition.  This includes its Naked Philly real estate and development blog and OCF Coffee House locations.

FoCA is dedicated non-profit formulated by Southwest Center City parents and community members.  Together, they advocate on behalf of Chester Arthur elementary, but they can’t do it alone. Connect with a friend of FoCA or little FoCA to learn more about this organization and how you can help our public schools.