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OCF Realty is a committed to developing its Philadelphia neighborhoods. In the Fall of 2013, OCF Realty unveiled its newest community partnership program to benefit Chester Arthur, a K-8 elementary school located on the 2000 block of Catharine Street. For every home sold or purchased through OCF Realty within the Chester Arthur catchment, a donation of $1,000 from the transaction will be given to Friends of Chester Arthur (FoCA). These donations can help pay for everyday needs, like school supplies and routine upkeep. 


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Appfolio, the industry's leading property management software company, named OCF Realty the number one property management group in the country to utilize its online payment system.  OCF Realty received this awards for the second year running.  

This week, Philadelphia Inquirer reporter, Ingra Saffron, highlighted Ori Feibush for his innovative social media and marketing strategies to promote his real estate ventures in Point Breeze.  In the article, Saffron revealed how area developers, like Feibush, are using savvy marketing, social media and big ideas (paired with even bigger investments) to secure sales. 

Ori C. Feibush takes a break in his OCF Cafe at 2001 Federal St., across from housing units he is building in the Point Breeze neighborhood. (CHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer)

A recent Philly Mag article, "What Will It Take for New Philadelphians to Clean Up City Hall?" by Patrick Kerkstra, brings to light a diverse group of 'New Philadelphians' who are working hard to make long lasting improvements in and around the city of Philadelphia.  Founder and President of OCF Realty, Ori Feibush, was featured for his real estate development projects and clean up efforts in Point Breeze, Philadelphia through his community focused real estate brokerage.  

Philadelphia Magazine article, "What Will It Take for New Philadelphians to Clean Up City Hall?" features OCF Realty Founder, Ori Feibush.

Ori Feibush, President and Founder of OCF Realty, recently opened the OCF Coffee House in Point Breeze, Philadelphia.  Feibush went through great lengths to clean up a vacant lot located directly to the rear of his newly established business. After numerous attempts to purchase the lot from the city of Philadelphia, Feibush decided to take matters into his own hands.

Developer Ori Feibush said he spent $20,000 to clean up a vacant lot in Philadelphia, to the disapproval of the city's Office of Housing and Community Development. By Susanna Kim, Good Morning America.