Update: New Building Coming Along at 48th & Baltimore

It's Coming Along
Lou Mancinelli

On Baltimore Avenue in Cedar Park, a new four-story building at 4812 Baltimore Ave. now under construction shows how in one spot the elegant architectural past is meeting the less detailed aesthetic of modern era development.

While members of Cedar Park Neighbors did work with the developers to guide the design to be in tune with the Victorian tone that lines Baltimore Ave., and while developers added some changes like the use of wood instead of metal on the bay windows, and added a kneel wall to the commercial level, the look of the new building so far suggests that it will still stick out some. Whether that is a good thing or otherwise is a matter of opinion. What is certain is that Diversity Realty Ventures purchased the building in June 2012 for $92K at a time when Cedar Park was jumping off with a swing of new businesses coming to Baltimore Ave., like Little Baby's Ice Cream, and plans for multiple new business at 50th & Baltimore.

What's sets this new building apart is the lack of rounded bay windows. Instead, the bay windows are rectangular protrusions, as you can see clearly in the rendering from Harman Deutsch. When completed, the building will have some new company in the form of Baltimore Crossing, the pedestrian plaza developed by University City District located at 48th & Baltimore in front of the Gold Standard.

A few blocks away at 43rd & Baltimore, there is also a proposal for a 92-unit apartment building that is anything but Victorian in design. With other new development on the way along Baltimore Ave., we’ll be interested to continue to see the way that the neighborhood’s charming old architecture interacts with the new buildings still to come.