Seed Gallery Coming to Baltimore Ave.

As we predicted just the other day, there’s more commercial love planned for the western end of Baltimore Avenue in West Philly. This time, in the form of art.

Seeds Gallery will open the weekend of July 27 at 5011 Baltimore Ave., the former location of a Rock School known for blasting its amplifiers every weekend at 9am, exposing the locals to the licks of 12-year-old guitarists playing Crazy Train.

The space

Since October, Seeds has existed in mobile form, showcasing artists’ work at restaurants, cafes and law firms.

“Our perspective is the art has to go where the people are,” said owner Saba Tedla, who also owns Askum, the Mediterranean kitchen located at 47th and Baltimore (which opened last July 27, hence the correlation in dates).

Tedla said they’ll focus on seeding artists into the community. She said Seeds wants to develop a relationship with its exhibiting artists that extends beyond the dates of their showcase.


“Our corridor has a void in terms of not having a representative for artists,” she said. Any old walk along Baltimore Avenue might evoke ideas that the place is filled with art types.

Tedla envisions Seeds Gallery to be something beyond an art gallery. It could double as a space for community events and for artists to develop their work over time.

“We don’t just wanna slap artwork on the wall,” she said.

We imagine the one-two punch of The Marvelous record shop, which is coming next month to the 4900 block, and Seeds Gallery, will appeal to folks in the area. Plus, there’s the urban farm in the vacant lot a few doors down at 5017 Baltimore Ave. Not to mention, Satellite CaféFirehouse Bicycles and Dock Street Brewery located right across the street. Pizza, beer (or espresso, or a fine mix of the two), art and vinyl? Looks like Baltimore Avenue is shaping into quite the arts corridor, no?

–Lou Mancinelli

  • Wow, she’s a beaut. I wonder why people hold on to places like this. Holding out for a big future sell perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    Correction:  It most recently was a set of front steps for drunks to fall asleep on after they leave Burg’s Lounge on the opposite corner.  The set of front steps happens to have a dilapidated building attached to it. 

  • South Philly native

    I remember when it was a laundromat, many years ago…..shame that it sits next to the nice house a friend of mine owns….nice 3 story next door….

    • Tony

      Building seems like a good candidate for the Abandoned and Blighted Property Conservatorship Act – you should have your friend look it up (there’s some good discussion on philadelphiaspeaks)

  • Anonymous
    • PBSusan

      Wow – the streetscape was getting ruined way back in 1956 with those awful three story houses. 

    • anonymous

      Holy shit!  Traffic is flowing backwards on 21st St!

  • bistro pleaseee! take a visit to nyc and take pointers

  • Stamy

    I think there is some potential at this corner for a nice place with outdoor seating. Even better is the corner of 22nd and Ellsworth St., the Star Track Lounge. Someone can purchase this lot and the empty one next to it, and set up a nice restaurant/cafe with outdoor seating on both sides!

    Plus you have the nice Garden across the street that PB Pioneers worked on.

  • Guest

    Noticed someone stirring around the property on my way home this morning.

    Walked over and talked with the owner for a bit.  He’s a nice guy.

    He said he is planning on adding 2 more stories to the building.

    He asked me what type of business should open up in the first floor lol

    I told him about the OCF coffeeshop and ASB opening in 5 years.  JK

    If you see him, stop and say hi and tell him what you would like to see opened up on that first floor.

    • Stamy

      By adding the 2 stories, is he going to demolish the current building and build from the ground up (which I hope)? Or is building on top of the current structure?

      If he’s adding 2 stories, it sounds like he has the capital to have an elegant commercial place on the 1st floor.