Med Student Housing Coming On Near Temple Hospital

We haven't spent much time in the neighborhoods around Temple Hospital but there's a chance that could start to change. This area is in pretty rough shape, with copious amounts of vacant land, countless vacant homes dotting the landscape, and virtually no amenities. Nevertheless, there are still Temple Med students and residents that think it's a good idea to live near the hospital, and as a result it appears that there's some growing demand for housing north of Lehigh Avenue.

We were scanning the ZBA calendar and a project at 1511 W. Allegheny Ave. caught our attention. It's presently a vacant lot, but developers bought it about a year ago, we'd have to think with an eye toward new construction med student housing. The plans call for a new building with 16 units and 5 parking spots, and with the hospital campus just two blocks away, we can understand how this could possibly work out. That being said, the ZBA hearing was continued for the second time this week, so who knows whether it'll even happen.

Vacant land on the left side of the image

Close to this potential project, we happened upon a different property that could be a much bigger deal in the grand scheme of things. The apartment building at 1429 W. Allegheny Ave. was known as University Square Apartments at one point in its history, which is evident by the faded lettering above what was once its main entrance. The building has been vacant since at least 2006, but developers bought the property a couple years ago and are actively involved in permitting for its renovation. According to an old listing, the building has about 53K sqft of interior space and a parking lot with room for 51 cars. If this building is successfully renovated and leased out, it could serve as a real anchor for additional development in the area. 

Large building looks like its under construction nearby

Alternately, the development effort could fizzle and the building could sit empty for another decade. Here's hoping that isn't the case.