What's up at the Trestle Inn?

Mr. Fox
Your new neighborhood hangout

The J&J Trestle Inn, located at 339 N. 11th Street (at Callowhill), will be getting a new lease on life. The former go-go bar, whose dancers were described as “healthy” by those in the know, is sporting a new LCB application sign. The bar, which has been abandoned for quite some time, experienced a 3 alarm fire last June, and we were doubtful that any progress would ever be made with the building.

The name on the application is Gladurhar LLC, owned by Ian Cross and Josette Bonafino, according to the LCB website. The application has been there for about a year, so what’s the hold up? The planned use for the spot is a restaurant, so we are anxiously awaiting any sort of clue as to what kind of restaurant/when it will be open or even started.  It’s definitely a risky investment for Cross and Bonafino, as there isn’t a whole lot going on at the corner of 11th and Callowhill.  The property sits under the train tracks, and could certainly be described as “shady” at the wrong time of day.  Surrounding the Trestle Inn are a few apartments as well as a handful of artist spaces, but any further north on 11th St., you’re not going to run into much. In an area that could use some serious TLC, we hope that Bonafino and Cross could kick start some growth very soon.

Speaking to one of the principals, we were told that they will not be divulging any information about the project for a couple of months. So sit tight, folks, we'll share any info as it comes in. --Kaitlin Bostwick