South Street West News: L2 is on the Outs

Mr. Fox

Over the last couple of years, we've constantly found ourselves talking about South Street West, bringing you a constant stream of good news for this reemerging commercial corridor. Off the top of our heads, we can think of over a dozen new businesses that have opened their doors on this stretch since 2011, and we're probably forgetting a dozen more. With all the positive vibes from South Street West, it's with some surprise today that we bring you news that one of the more established businesses on the street will be closing its doors at the end of this week.

L2 will soon be gone

L2 Restaurant and Bar has been doing their thing on the northwest corner of 22nd & South since the late 1990s. Cafe Republic, a Russian-themed vodka bar, preceded L2 in this space. One of Stephen Starr's rare misfires, that business closed after about a year. The owners of L2 operated another restaurant here in the 1980s, a Fifty's-style place called Linoleum. And now, after over twenty years and two restaurants, it seems they're ready for last call, so to speak, at least according to an email we just got from a regular customer.

The building in 1964. Seems it's been a bar forever. And there's been a dry cleaners next door forever, too.

It's always a shame to see a neighborhood spot close, especially one that's been a presence for such a long time. Nevertheless, because it's what we do, let's speculate on what will come next for this prime commercial space. Could this be the location Tria has been waiting for? Might the guys from Pub & Kitchen open a third spot? Will Stephen Starr again try to make a go of it here, fifteen years later? Or will some upstart restauranteur see something special in this space?

Whatever is coming next, we suggest you stop by L2 this week to enjoy what's still here. Their last night will be August 1st.