This Doesn’t Look Right: Chunks of Brick Missing in Queen Village

In March, we told you about 733 S. 3rd St., a fixer-upper if there ever was one. The building, laid out as a duplex, had wonderful bones, but was missing a couple of crucial details. Like, you know, windows.

A few months back

As that time, the building had just been purchased for $300K and was instantly put back onto the market for $400K. We were pessimistic that that building would sell at that price without some improvements and to their credit, the property owners have been actively fixing up the property. New windows have been installed. The corner space which was home to a business many moons ago has been painted. And some bricks have been removed in a way we've not seen before.

Current view

Missing bricks

We don't claim to be engineers, but something looks a little off here. Any construction experts care to chime in on what's going on here? As in why the owners are doing this and what exactly they're doing? We have to assume it's safe as it doesn't appear as though the site has been shut down, but it sure looks weird. Any additional insight would be much appreciated.

In the meantime, the property is still on the market for $400K. And if they continue working on the property, it might soon be worth that much.