Garage on Washington Ave. Turning Into Three Homes

Months ago, when there was still snow on the ground, we told you about three homes coming to the 100 block of League Street. At that time, we expected that an old auto garage backing up to League Street but fronting Washington Avenue would be demolished and the three homes would rise in its place. Thanks to a tip from a reader, we've learned that the garage is apparently gonna stick around. Instead it seems we have a clumsy looking reuse project on our hands.

Conversion, not replacement

View on League St.

We would have to imagine that once the new interior walls are complete the developers will tear down the preexisting facades, but at this point we don't know for sure. We are, though, sticking to our original contention that the curb cuts on Washington Avenue will remain, allowing for parking in the rear of these new homes. Though the method for construction is unlike most we've seen around town, we still feel confident that the new homes will sell for a pretty penny.

On the other side of Washington Ave.

Across Washington Avenue, there's been a bit of a building boom on Alter Street, several stages of which were covered on this site. On the north side of the 100 block of Alter Street, there are a couple of foundations that have been around since we'd guess 2004. We wrote about 'em a few years back.

Closer look at stalled foundations

The tipster that gave us the heads up about the League Street homes also heard that the same developers had purchased these foundations. With all the vacant lots on the south side of this block of Alter Street finally filled in, could the foundations, long a source of blight, be on the way out as well? It certainly seems possible. Perhaps in this case, more traditional building methods will be in order.